“Some geographical places are more important to my painting than others. They are intertwined with the experiences that form the toolbox along with the concrete materials; the canvas or paper and the color.

My paintings have a connection to a lyrical landscape painting. I imagine the landscape as a room and body where I wander in the direction inwards, outwards in unknown terrain. The visual expression, for me, has a dwelling deeper into the personality than the spoken language. Just below the surface may be a substance that in the meeting with the obviously present outside world shows new angles. The well- known travels through the thought, the hand, into the material, make themselves strange. Or. Something still unknown makes the same trip to be recognized by the viewer. Indistinct meanings may emerge. Just as the painter feels that an answer is within reach, she sees herself standing in front of her painting with yet another question.”

“… Her beautiful landscape paintings in intimate format have freed themselves from the rigorous demands of realism and have come about as a result of a dissolved brush writing. It is implied more than depicted in these views. The paintings mediate lyrical moods and the soul of nature in earthy colors that alternate between warm and cold.”

Joanna Persman in “Art Projects 2018”, Stockholm Arts Council

“Linnéa Nordberg herself states the landscape as the resonance base for her painting. She shares the discovery of the abstract expressionists that an abstract painting can also be a kind of space - not a reproduction of a landscape but, so to speak, the equivalent of a landscape. With their own behind and in front, inside, outside and beyond. Its own light and darkness. Their own moods and emotional storms developed only through painterly action with the help of oil paint on canvas and a sharp eye "

Håkan Bull, artist and curator 2011

“Linnéa Nordberg refers to nature's colors and forms in her oil paintings. The landscape motifs are really just the pretext for the painting act. What starts the process itself. What really happens is in the meeting between color, shape, eye and hand on the canvas or panel and in the next step between the painting and the audience. It is a purely lyrical process painting based on an investigative attitude to color and form. "

Bertil Sundstedt, Art review, NSD 2004